Monday, January 24, 2011

school life

Why does school have to be so full of drama?? I mean, people need do learn that you don't vent everything at school. It's ok to vent to your friends but there's no need to go around telling everyone about all the drama in your life. If you get mad at someone just get over it. People make me mad at times but i don't start spreading rumors about them or talking bad about them. If i need to vent i talk to my friends when its just us or i talk to my parents. I know that it seems crazy to talk to your parents when you're a teen but they really have some wisedom. A lot of teenagers think thier parents don't know anything or don't understand them. Trust me I've felt the same way. But you're parents can really help no matter what you need. Everyone needs advice sometimes and sometimes you should listen to your parents cause believe it or not they were once your age. That is something that my parents tell me all the time and i know it's true but at times it seems impossible. When you have the right advice life can be easier but not all your problems will go away of course. If people would take all thier drama outside of school, to thier frends away from school or thier parents, school would be so much easier. Most of the problems at school don't come from the work, they come from the people at school. So with all the drama that makes school hard, thats probably why a lot of people don't want to go to school.

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